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Garden windows are a great way to open up your home to the outdoors and add light to any room. They look similar to a bay window, but a smaller version. Typically found in the kitchen above the sink these windows have an interior shelf to hold plants, flowers or anything you’d like to display.

A garden window extends beyond the normal window opening, protruding from the exterior wall of your home. This uniquely shaped window allows you to add light and space to any room, and allows for added air flow.

If you’ve always wanted to replace the window you have with something that offers more dimension and depth, a vinyl garden window is a perfect choice. Learn more about all the benefits of having a garden window in your home.

Benefits of Garden Windows

A garden window can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your home. Adding light and greenery can make any room feel bright and open.

In addition to adding space and light, a garden window can increase the overall value of your home. Don’t let the freezing winter temperatures stop you from growing your favorite plants all year long.

Additional Space

Although garden windows are typically used as a mini indoor greenhouse, they can be used to showcase anything you want. Vases, picture frames and holiday decorations are just a few of the endless possibilities you have when decorating your garden window.

The garden window provides a perfect living space for your potted plants or a small herb garden. It has access to great lighting and it’s also a safe space away from children or pets. Since these windows are usually found above the kitchen sink, it makes for easy watering.

In addition to adding space, garden windows also provide you with a clear view of your yard or garden. This will let you enjoy your outdoor plants without even stepping outside.

Let in Light and Fresh Air

Garden windows have three glass sides as well as a glass ceiling. This allows natural light to pour in from both the top and sides. Garden windows can be a great way to brighten up a dark kitchen or any room in your home that needs some added natural light.

You also have the option to open your garden window to enjoy some fresh air. This allows for added ventilation in your kitchen. If you do a lot of cooking you know how warm it can get in the kitchen. Having a garden window with two operable side windows is an amazing way to increase air flow.

Energy Efficiency

At Feldco our windows are designed to stand up to the coldest snow storms as well as the hottest summer days. Replacing your current window with one of our energy efficient garden windows will keep your house cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter.

If you’re noticing your energy bills are getting out of control, window replacement can be a great place to start. Make your home more energy efficient with new windows from Feldco.

How a Garden Window Operates

A garden window usually has two operable mini-casement windows on each side and an additional stationary picture window as the back and roof. The side windows are operated by small cranks to allow the desired level of ventilation.

Since garden windows can be installed in almost any regular size window they can be a great addition to any home.

Common Applications for Garden Windows

If you’re ready to upgrade your home and give it a more custom feel, try adding a garden window. Window replacement doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it’s a great way to update your home.

Garden windows are typically found in kitchens, right above the kitchen sink, but they can be placed in any room to add charm, character and an outdoor feel. This is a great place for a garden window because it provides a lot of natural lighting and the operable awning window is easily accessible.

Call Feldco today and see all of the benefits of garden windows for yourself. We will take measurements for you, go over all of the available style options, and provide you with a free quote the same day. Take the hassle out of window replacement and trust us with your home improvement project.

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