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Whether you are looking to add a dash of light or enhance other window styles, architectural windows add beauty and design depth. Accent any room with an architectural specialty window in a variety of shapes and sizes. Specialty windows like these are often combined in a pattern to enhance the design in bedrooms, dens, entryways, or hallways.

Benefits of Specialty Windows

Specialty Windows with Custom Options

A variety of shapes and sizes are available including circles, half circles, hexagons, trapezoids and triangles to name a few. Also, add a personal touch with enhanced glass options like frosted glass or decorative glass in your specialty window.

Common Uses for Specialty Windows
If you are looking to add a unique and distinctive touch to your home, an architectural window is perfect for any room as its design adds drama and depth.
Basement Windows

Updating the basement windows in your home can be an amazing way to turn a dark basement into a bright place for you and your family to enjoy. Basement windows are a vital part of keeping your basement resistant to moisture and water damage. They also add security, light, and airflow to your home.

Since your basement windows are located in an area that is often only used for storage, they can easily be neglected or forgotten about. Basement windows help to seal the bottom portion of your home from water. Since basements are more susceptible to water damage you want to invest in windows that will stand up against moisture.

Benefits of Basement Windows

There are many benefits to updating your current basement windows. If you’re turning your basement into bedrooms or a family living space you may want to add more light. Basement windows can also add ventilation to an area that doesn’t get much fresh air.

In addition to adding style to your home, our basement windows are low maintenance and easy to clean. There are many options available- from color and grid patterns, to window styles and privacy glass. We have it all at Feldco.

Other Window Styles for your Basement

There are many window styles that could work for your basement. Depending on where the window is on your basement wall, you may be able to use sliding windows, awnings, or even double hung windows.

Trying different types of windows could give your basement a unique look, and deciding what style is best depends on what you use your basement for. If your basement is unfinished and not used as living space, you may decide to have smaller windows for privacy. If you do have bedrooms or an entertainment area, you may want larger windows for additional light and air flow.

Privacy Glass

If you want to add some natural light to your basement, but still want to maintain your privacy, opaque or frosted glass is a great option. You don’t need clear transparent glass to get the added light you want.

Opaque windows allow you to add windows for light while still keeping it private to anyone passing by. A semi-frosted, patterned privacy glass treatment is also available to add to the safety and privacy of your basement living space.

Energy Efficiency

If your basement is used as a living space energy efficiency may be a concern of yours. All of our windows are energy star rated. This will help you keep your basement warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Thinking About New Basement Windows?

If you’re interested in updating your basement window, trust Feldco. We make window replacement easy from start to finish. Call Feldco today and see all of the benefits of basement windows for yourself. We will take measurements for you, go over all of the available style options, and provide you with a free quote the same day. Take the hassle out of window replacement and trust us with your home improvement project. It’s no wonder over 500,000 homeowners have trusted us with their home improvement projects.

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